Help a Family in Need Stay Safe This Winter With Vehicle Repairs in January

Revolution Motors wants to give vehicle repairs and service to a deserving family in need after this holiday season. For the month of December, we are asking our customers and the general public to submit nominations for a family that might need our help, so we can ensure their vehicle is safe and that any immediate or pending service or repairs are taken care of, free of charge (up to a maximum retail value of $2000). We will announce the winning family in January so that they can go into 2019 with a safe and dependable vehicle.

“The heart behind this idea is that we want to give back to the community, using the gifts and abilities we have been blessed with,” says Joel, owner for Revolution Motors in Edmonton. “We fix cars, that’s our deal, and I want to be able to serve people with that ability.”

“We are a family-owned business and our goal is to serve other families in an industry that we know well and are passionate about. We wanted to serve people in this industry, being completely honest and offering our customers full disclosure on what’s required with their vehicles.”

The Revolution Motors team takes vehicle safety to heart. “Unfortunately, over the years we’ve heard of a lot of accidents that could have been avoided,” explains Joel. “I don’t want a family putting themselves at risk because they couldn’t afford much-needed repairs or winter tires.”

It’s easy for companies in this industry to say that they work with honesty and integrity, but at Revolution Motors, our team puts that honesty into action. We do things differently, and it’s worked well in growing our business, but we wanted to do something that wasn’t just to serve the business. We wanted to give back and serve people in their community.

“The idea of using our abilities to help people who are going through a much tougher time is something that has been on our hearts,” says Joel. “Not having a reliable vehicle in this region can be crippling, especially for a family, so it just made sense to give someone that gift.”

We will be accepting nominations for deserving families in need from now until December 31, 2018. The chosen family will be notified in early January, after the Christmas break, and an appointment for their vehicle repairs and service will be set for that month.

“I would like that this family would not have to think about anything to do with their vehicle from a repair standpoint in the new year,” says Joel. “That means repairing and changing out anything in their vehicle that might need to be right away or within the next year.”

The entire team at Revolution Motors is behind this initiative of giving. Revolution Motors is donating the cost of parts and supplies and their automotive technicians are donating their time to complete the necessary repairs and service.

Make your nomination today and let’s help a deserving family kick off the New Year with one less worry. Happy Holidays!

Posted 12/11/2018 by in Community

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