Help a Family In Need
and We'll Repair Their Car for Free

Know a family who needs our help? Nominations close at the end of June. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

We Repair a Car. You Help a Family.

Start Someone’s Year Off Right!

Do you want to help a friend or family in need but don’t know how or you don’t have any budget to spare?

Easy! You can help by nominating a family in need to have their car repaired this summer, on us!

Car repairs can add up, especially on older vehicles – please consider this when you are nominating a family. Where can it help the most? Are they driving an unsafe vehicle but can’t afford to fix it? Do they need new tires to get them through the winter? We want to help ensure they get where they need to go and safely! This is always important, but particularly over our Alberta winter.

To nominate someone, simply complete the online form below, providing as much information as possible. Please submit only one nomination for each person or family.


What to Know When Nominating

Deadline to nominate a family is June 30, 2019 . We will announce a winner July 8, 2019 for vehicle repairs in the summer of 2019.

Before submitting please note that the nominees must own their vehicle and the repairs will be for one vehicle (not all family vehicles).

Revolution Motors will cover service, parts and repairs up to a maximum of $2000 retail value. Repairs will be prioritized based on road safety.  It is the owner’s responsibility to drop off and pick up their vehicle from Revolution Motors auto repair shop.

Submissions are based on criteria outlined above or view the full Rules & Regulations.

Nomination Form Summer 2019

  • Person Making The Nomination

  • About the Individual or Family Being Nominated

Learn how “Help a Family in Need” came to be and why the team at Revolution Motors were driven to make this idea a reality.