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Muffler and Exhaust Repair

When people think of their vehicle’s exhaust system and muffler, it is usually related to a sudden increase in noise from a vehicle however, exhaust leaks or muffler issues don’t always come with a tell-tale noise. Here at Revolution Motors, we know how important it is to address exhaust system problems, not only for the health of your vehicle but, more importantly, for the health of you and your family.

What is in car exhaust fumes?

There are many harmful fumes and gases in vehicles including carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide and it is critical to ensure you do not end up breathing them in. Even if you are safe, faulty exhaust systems can be a major danger if the gas cannot escape or goes to the wrong places, costing you money and time. Don’t risk your time, money, and safety by ignoring your exhaust system, get it serviced right away by the trained knowledgeable technicians here at Revolution Motors.

Will an exhaust leak hurt my car?

Yes, if left unchecked an exhaust leak can lead to some very costly repairs (not to mention, create a huge safety hazard). If you catch an exhaust leak early, it often doesn’t cost a lot to repair so it’s best to fix it when it’s small.

How to tell if your car has an exhaust leak

Your gas pedal is vibrating

Often, if your existing exhaust is leaking, you may be able to feel odd vibrations in your steering wheel or gas pedal. If this is happening with your vehicle, be sure to bring it into our shop for an inspection or service.

Your car engine is suddenly louder

If your vehicle suddenly got really noisy – this is likely due to a broken exhaust pipe and should be fixed but is often not a very expensive repair.

You are constantly smelling car exhaust fumes

If you smell exhaust fumes in your vehicle – this indicates an exhaust leak or hole in your exhaust system somewhere and it is important to get this fixed so it goes out the back of your vehicle properly.

While these ‘symptoms’ can often accompany an exhaust leak or indicate that you may need to replace the muffler, sometimes leaks can happen with little to no telltale signs. This is why we highly recommend that you book your vehicle in for exhaust work as well as for regular service and inspections.

Reasons to choose Revolution Motors as your exhaust shop in Edmonton include:

  • Loaner Vehicles Available
  • Certified Licensed Automotive Technicians
  • Believe In Educating You About Proper Vehicle Service

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