Auto Repair in South Edmonton

Auto Repair in Edmonton, AB

When it comes to vehicle service and repairs, there is no mechanic shop that Edmontonians trust more than Revolution Motors.

We are the leader in auto repair in Edmonton South, located on the edge of Ottewell on the east end of 82nd Avenue (just off the Sherwood Park Freeway). 

Our technicians come highly recommended and pride themselves on high-quality car repair and car maintenance.


Automotive Services That You Can Trust

We’ve heard our fair share of horror stories about dishonest shops and needless repairs that have resulted in huge bills. 

Revolution Motors is different: we started our business with the goal of creating a reputation for honesty and integrity. 

We know that maintaining our reputation in Edmonton requires a commitment to changing the negative stigma around auto services shops. While some shops seem okay with ‘soiling in their own nest’ we know better: we love this city and have no plans to leave anytime soon. 

Many of our clients have been with us since day one; we’ve maintained these relationships with our refreshing approach. We work every day to build trust and give back to our community

Our team shares these values: we help equip our clients with all of the information they need to make the best choice for both their vehicle and their bank accounts. Once we’ve identified any issues with our vehicle, we will bring you in the shop and show you the problem, allow you to compare damaged parts with new ones and explain how each component works so you feel confident in the repairs you’re paying for. We will even tell you what needs to be done now and what you can hold off.

Maintenance and Repairs

Whether it’s a check engine light or a steering and suspension issue, our auto repair services team is skilled and ready to help get your vehicle repaired and safely back on the road. 

Getting ready for your summer road trips? Come in for an Air Conditioning Recharge or Repair before things really heat up. 

Getting concerned about grinding brakes and vehicle shakes? Repair your brakes is a service that shouldn’t ever be put off. Come in with a brake inspection (starting from $59.99)

Vehicle Inspections

Moving to a new province can be scary; throw in the fact that you’ll have to get an Out of Province Inspection with a mechanic that you don’t know, and it can become a stress-bomb.

We make every effort to create a painless Out of Province Inspection. Throughout the process, our team will walk you through the government regulations and any repairs or maintenance that your car or truck needs to pass. 

Need an Out of Province Inspection? Check out our OOP Guide to prepare your vehicle for passing.