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People are quick to get an auto AC recharge or repair done in the summer, however most people are not aware that it is just as important to get your air conditioning repaired when it is cold outside. The auto air conditioning system does more than keep your vehicle cabin cool, it is also keeps the vehicle warm – so even when it seems like there’s no need for your auto air conditioning, ensuring it is working keeps you and your vehicle safe. Serious vehicle damage can happen due to your car’s AC system failing, and sometimes it can be a simple fix.

Thankfully, the trained and professional technicians here at Revolution Motors in Edmonton can help. With state of the art equipment, we can repair or recharge your AC and ensure your auto air conditioning system is running at its peak to keep your vehicle healthy and you comfortable.

My car’s AC is not working – what now?

One of the most common reasons for bringing your vehicle in once hot weather starts is that your vehicle is not blowing cool air, or it starts cold but quickly goes warm. Often your vehicle is low on refrigerant and simply needs an AC recharge of your vehicle’s air conditioning system – however this does not always solve the problem. Sometimes we will recharge your car’s AC system and put a UV dye in it so that if it leaks out again we are able to pinpoint where it is coming from. We need to use the UV dye because your air conditioning system is recharged with a gas, making it harder to ‘see’ where a leak is, the UV dye helps us detect this (unless it is a really big leak and more obvious). It isn’t always a leak or AC system recharge – there are other causes related to air temperature such as your AC compressor clutch not engaging (a noise when you turn on your AC could indicate this needs repair or replacing), a loose compressor belt, or even your AC condenser simply needing cleaned.

Can I recharge the auto AC system myself?

Doing an AC recharge yourself is not something we recommend as we get a lot of vehicles in that have tried an at home remedy, and it typically causes more harm than good – with additional complications occurring. The kits you find at stores to recharge your vehicle’s air conditioning system with typically use a propane gas that is extremely explosive and isn’t compatible with the refrigerant that your AC system actually needs. These at home kits also promise to fill small leaks; we have seen this lead to damage as well as it ends up ‘filling’ areas it shouldn’t including plugging the valve between your AC system’s high side and low side. These DIY fails can cost you more money in the end.

Other reasons for an auto AC repair:

Another common reason our customers bring their vehicles in for air conditioning repair is when the air is cool, but the air flow is weak or inconsistent, sometimes your vehicle is not blowing cold air out of selected vents. Air flow issues could be related to your cabin air filter, or a problem with your AC system’s blower motor or blend door. Give us a call and we’ll get your air conditioning repaired so you can comfortably enjoy your car once again!

Some of the reasons to choose Revolution Motors include:

  • Loaner Vehicles Available
  • 5 years/100,000 kms Parts and Labor
  • Certified & Licensed Automotive Technicians
  • Believe In Educating You About Proper Vehicle Service

Visit the experts at Revolution Motors in Edmonton for an AC recharge or repair service. Call us at (780) 761-1800, stop by, or schedule an appointment.

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