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Revolution Motor's Financing Program

We get it – some repairs can’t wait til’ payday.

Unexpected repairs never come at a good time – but that doesn’t mean you should be forced to put your livelihood (or safety) at risk because you can’t afford repairs right now.

To help our clients stay safely on the road, we’ve adopted our Auto Repair Financing Program. Our car repair loans mean that you can handle the manageable car problems before they turn into ‘write-off’ sized problems without relying on high-interest credit cards.

Working with Fairstone, Canada’s leading non-bank lender, we’ve put together a program to give our clients some breathing room without putting them at financial risk.

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What does this mean for you?

This means that you can get your repairs completed in our shop and pay no interest or payments for up to 12 months. That’s it – get your car taken care of and take 12 months to pay it off.

Not going to need 12 months? We can offer  6 different terms and packages available. In addition to 12 months no interest, no payments, we can also offer terms 0f 2 months, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

There are also 2 options for equal payments no interest for 4 months or 12 months. Call us or come into the shop to discuss what option would work for you.


Car Repair Financing Application

Get approved easily via the Fairstone website. Jump online, complete the 3 Step Application Process, and get your repairs done ASAP.

Want to talk it over with a human? No problem — come into the shop and we can walk you through the process step by step. Give us a call at 780-900-3749

*Note: financing approval from this form is for work completed exclusively by Revolution Motors. If you are not in Edmonton or a client of Revolution Motors, please contact your local repair shop for financing options.


Transmission Repair Financing

Your transmission is responsible for controlling how much power actually reaches your wheels.

On a manual vehicle, your clutch is the gateway between the engine and the transmission. When you press your clutch in, it disconnects the two and allows you to shift. On an automatic vehicle,  your gear shifter does all of that for you.

This might sound simple, but transmission systems are complicated and, when a vehicle is brought into the shop in need of some serious tranny repairs, things can get expensive.

But, as with most repairs, there are many transmission issues that, when dealt with immediately, can avoid costly projects like a transmission rebuild or replacement. This can be anything from a transmission fluid change, leak repair, or solenoid shift replacement. Forgoing this type of smaller repair could end up costing you your entire transmission. If you have a transmission repair and are considering forgoing it because of the cost, our Transmission Repair Financing could be the right solution.

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Brake Repair Financing

I always tell my clients, ‘if there’s one repair that you could put off, brakes are not that repair. When it comes to the safety of your vehicle, brakes/your ability to stop your car is a pretty important part of that.

If you have trouble slowing your vehicle or notice any issues like your ABS Indicator Light, vibrations, or grinding noises when you apply your brakes, please come into the shop immediately.

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