Car Alternator Replacement

Car Alternator Replacement

Here at Revolution Motors Auto Repair, we know your car alternator is the key to keeping your car battery charged. All the electronics in your vehicle won’t work if there’s an issue with your charging system.

Diagnosing Alternator Issues: Alternator or Battery?

Old, worn out, and faulty vehicle alternators should be replaced as soon as possible. This will prevent unnecessary wear on your car battery

While you might associate vehicle electronics with your car battery, your battery is only one part of your auto electric system. It is the alternator actually that provides electrical energy when your engine is running. Because the alternator is engine-driven, it actually converts mechanical energy into electricity. This means that it’s able to charge your battery at the same time. 

Alternatively, the battery is just that: a battery. It stores electrical energy and supplies it to the engine through battery cables and energizes the starter. 

This makes diagnosing issues in your electrical system a little bit tricky. Tricky, but not impossible (if you’re armed with the right knowledge and a qualified repair shop). 

Even if you’re sure that the issue is your battery, the problem could be from anywhere in the electric system. A malfunctioning alternator (or even a loose serpentine belt) could cause a healthy battery to under or overcharge.   


Some signs that your alternator is causing issues:

  • If your exterior lights or overly bright or dim. This means that it is either overcharging or undercharging your battery lights.  
  • If your vehicle is making whining or grindin noises. Usually, your alternator will make a whining or grinding noise if there are issues with its internal parts. 
  • If your vehicle is stalling. When your alternator isn’t working right some basic systems, like your ignition and fuel, will stop working. This can cause your vehicle to stall after it initially started. 

Alternator issues can often get misdiagnosed so it is important for us to check your fuses to ensure the problem is actually your alternator. We can also run an AVR test as well which tests your battery, alternator and starter system.


To Replace or Rebuild?

While some owners might be tempted to rebuild an alternator when it fails, it’s almost always the less efficient root. When you factor in all the costs associated with a rebuilt alternator, the replacement route is almost always more affordable. 

Factor in Revolution Motors’ industry-leading 5-year warranty and the benefits of replacing versus rebuilding become clear.  

Alternator Replacement

How much to replace my alternator? 

Alternator replacement costs can vary significantly based on the make and model of your vehicle. Parts vary in price and so does the complexity of the work.

Get your car alternator replacement done by the trained professionals at Revolution Motors. We have years of automotive experience working on every vehicle make & model around. Our auto mechanics also receive ongoing training with the latest information and state of the art equipment.

If you are unsure you need a repair or replacement or want to get a quote on your alternator repair cost, contact us! Call us at (780) 761-1800, stop by, or schedule an appointment.

Some of the reasons to choose Revolution Motors are:

  • Loaner Vehicles Available
  • 5 years/100,000kms Parts and Labor
  • Certified & Licensed Automotive Technicians
  • Believe In Educating You About Proper Vehicle Service
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