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Transmission Repair & Service

When was the last time you had your vehicle’s transmission serviced? If it was so long ago that you couldn’t remember, it might be time to give the transmission specialists at Revolution Motors a call.

One of the most important systems to regularly maintain is the transmission system. The trained and knowledgeable professionals here at Revolution Motors ensure a quality transmission repair and servicing that will save you time and money in the long run. The transmission is responsible for moving all the power your engine makes to where it is needed.

Keeping that process working optimally means better performance, better gas mileage, and safer driving. With the high-quality transmission service here at Revolution Motors, you can rest easy knowing your car will run stronger than ever.

A transmission service will ensure that your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible. It also helps our team find any potential future problems and gives us the opportunity for an easy fix before they become more significant. An unserviced transmission that’s underperforming or malfunctioning can be causing more significant issues that could be dangerous.

No matter how strong your engine is or how much you take care of it, all the work it does means nothing if your transmission system is not working.

Transmission Rebuild

Your transmission is a large, complex system so there are many ways it can have trouble, sometimes the problem is so large it is easier to perform a transmission rebuild. Rebuilding your transmission ensures you do not have to worry about it since it will be as good as new.

How can I keep my transmission running smoothly between services?

While transmissions are a complicated part of your vehicle with numerous moving parts, there are some things that owners can do to ensure that it’s running as efficiently as possible.

The first significant maintenance tip for transmissions is checking the level and the quality of your transmission fluid regularly. You can do this by checking your dipstick yourself; however, if you have a newer vehicle, the dipstick may have been replaced with a sealed unit. The sealed unit is difficult for the average vehicle owner to check. If your vehicle has a sealed unit instead of a dipstick, it’s best to bring your vehicle into a professional transmission shop so that we could check it.

Other maintenance services that can help ensure the health of your transmission can be having the cooling system serviced regularly and replacing your transmission filter when needed.

A Mechanic You Can Trust

Revolution Motors is one of the most trusted full-service shops in Edmonton. We come highly recommended by our clients because we perform quality workmanship the first time around. Whether you have a standard, automatic transmission, transfer case issue, or are driving American or European, you can trust our repair shop to diagnose and handle your transmission problems.

Reasons to choose Revolution Motors for automotive transmission repair include:

  • Loaner Vehicles Available
  • Certified Licensed Automotive Technicians
  • Believe In Educating You About Proper Vehicle Service

Transmission Shop in Edmonton

Treat your vehicle right with quality repair and transmission services that are done fast and done right the first time. Call us for a quote at (780) 761-1800, stop by the shop, or schedule an appointment using the link below.

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