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For auto repair & maintenance tips, input on diesel trucks or to learn more about Revolution Motors.

'Cold Start' written on a frosted car window.

When you go outside to start your car, you want that engine to fire up, so you don’t get caught in the cold. Having the best…

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Mechanic doing an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection Edmonton

If you’ve purchased a vehicle from outside of Alberta, you will have to get an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection. Edmonton automotive shops like Revolution Motors…

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exhaust coming from vehicle tailpipe causing carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Carbon monoxide poisoning can happen whenever a source of carbon monoxide is present in an enclosed space like a home, garage, or car. Because you can’t…

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A white Ford diesel truck in winter

You own a diesel truck because you need the towing power, load capabilities, and the rugged durability. You love your diesel, but like any mechanical system,…

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winter tires on a snow-covered road

Swapping out your summer tires for winter tires is a chore we all must face living in Alberta, but it seems there are more options out…

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