Benefits of Using Synthetic Motor Oil in Your Vehicle

A container of oil being poured into a vehicle.

If you’re a vehicle owner, you know that regular oil changes are crucial to keeping your engine running smoothly. But have you considered using synthetic motor oil? Synthetic motor oil is a type of engine oil that offers several benefits over conventional motor oil. Revolution Motors has certified technicians that perform both conventional and synthetic oil changes in Edmonton. In this post, we’ll detail the benefits of using synthetic motor oil in your vehicle.

  1. Better Engine Protection: One of the main advantages of synthetic motor oil is its superior engine protection. Synthetic motor oil is formulated with advanced additives that provide enhanced lubrication, reducing friction between engine components. This results in reduced wear and tear on your engine, which can lead to longer engine life and improved overall performance.
  2. Improved Fuel Efficiency: Synthetic motor oil is designed to have a lower viscosity, which means it flows more smoothly through your engine, reducing friction and improving fuel efficiency. With less friction, your engine doesn’t have to work as hard, which can result in better gas mileage and lower fuel consumption, saving you money at the pump.
  3. Longer Oil Change Intervals: Synthetic motor oil typically lasts longer than conventional oil, which means you can go longer between oil changes. While conventional oil may need to be changed every 5,000 kilometres, synthetic oil can often last up to 12,000 to 16,000 kilometres, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations and your driving conditions. Helping to save you time on the number of oil changes you need to schedule.
  4. Increased Engine Performance: Synthetic motor oil’s advanced formula helps to keep your engine clean and free from sludge and deposits. It also performs well under extreme temperatures, providing optimal protection in both hot and cold weather conditions. This can result in improved engine performance, smoother operation, and reduced risk of engine damage due to overheating or cold-start wear.
  5. Reduced Engine Deposits: Over time, conventional motor oil can leave deposits and sludge in your engine, which can negatively impact its performance and longevity. Synthetic motor oil, on the other hand, has fewer impurities and is less prone to forming deposits, helping to keep your engine cleaner.
  6. Enhanced Engine Start-Up Protection: Synthetic motor oil flows more easily at low temperatures, providing better protection during engine start-up, which is a critical time for engine wear. With its superior cold-weather performance, synthetic oil helps to reduce engine wear during start-up, especially in colder climates, where conventional oil may take longer to reach optimal lubrication.
  7. Eco-Friendly: Synthetic-based oils are typically more environmentally friendly than conventional oil. Its advanced formula helps to reduce engine friction, resulting in lower emissions and a reduced carbon footprint. Additionally, because synthetic oil lasts longer, it generates less waste and requires the oil to be changed less, reducing the amount of used oil that needs to be disposed of or recycled.

While synthetic motor oil may be more expensive than conventional oil, the long-term benefits make it a worthwhile investment for many vehicle owners. Make sure to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for service intervals and the type of oil to use.

Scheduling regular oil changes is key to ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of your vehicle. If you are looking for a quality oil change in Edmonton contact us today at (780) 900-3842, visit the shop, or schedule an appointment.

Posted 06/2/2023 by in Auto Advice

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