Why Use the Flo Pro Exhaust Kit?

5” single exhaust on the Cummins
Photo Courtesy of Flo Pro @floproexhaust

Your exhaust system works by removing used air from the engine and replacing it with fresh air. The more fresh air, the smoother the combustion process and the better the horsepower, fuel efficiency and overall performance. Performance exhaust kits help bring in even more fresh air, so everything performs better.

If you’re looking for a performance exhaust kit that gives you maximum horsepower and torque, look no further than the Flo Pro Exhaust Kit. Not only will you get more performance out of your diesel truck, but you’ll also love the improved fuel economy too. Plus, Flo Pro products are perfect for diesel enthusiasts who love to hear their engines roar.

Revolution Motors are experts when it comes to aftermarket kits for your Dodge Cummins, GMC Duramax or Ford Powerstroke diesel trucks. We use the Flo Pro Exhaust Kit to enhance exhaust performance for our customers. Here’s why:

Flo Pro uses durable materials.

Flo Pro Exhaust Kit products are made from a high-quality 16ga mandrel bent steel. You can choose from stainless steel or aluminized exhaust systems and have modified their manufacturing process to ensure your exhaust will pass the test of time and heavy use. You won’t have to worry about their products falling apart and they’re resistant to rust too.

An example of this is their turbo flanges. They are all machine manufactured and welded by a CNC lathe. Competing performance exhaust systems and older versions of this exhaust performance part would have a flared-out pipe. This flared-out design would cause over-expansion, separation and eminent pipe failure. With Flo Pro’s heavy-duty flange, you won’t have to worry about that.

Flo Pro has paid attention to details.

One problem that a lot of aftermarket performance exhaust kits have is with the pipe-hanger. Most competing kits have a straight hanger that is tack-welded to the pipe. With less than an inch of weld holding it to the exhaust pipe, it is pretty common for those pre-welded hangers to just break right off, damaging your pipe in the process.

Flo Pro has eliminated this problem by bending the hanger, so it’s contoured to the pipe. Then they weld it on both sides, offering a double 5-6-inch weld on the pipe that will not fail. Not only that, but the hangers are placed to factory specifications. So regardless of your truck, the hangers are in the right place for ease of installation.

You get a lot of bang for your buck.

Flo Pro Exhaust kits are a cost-effective performance option for your diesel truck. Not only will they fit perfectly on your truck, but these kits also look great and will give you a deepened exhaust tone and sound levels that you’re going to love hearing. If you’re looking for a high-performing, worry-free and affordable aftermarket exhaust performer, Flo Pro is the way to go.

Trust the diesel experts at Revolution Motors

The team at Revolution Motors is just as passionate about your diesel engine as you are! We offer our expertise for full diesel engine repair and specialized modification kits to help you get the most out of your truck.

Have questions about the Flo Pro Performance Exhaust kit, exhaust tips, or more information of performance mufflers? Contact our customer service team today!


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