BMW Repair in Edmonton

BMW Repair & Service

BMW is one of the most well-renowned vehicle manufacturers around, creating cars and SUVs of high quality and luxury. With such care put into making these cars you’ll want to keep them running perfectly for years to come. When you are looking for quality BMW repair service or maintenance in Edmonton, come to the experts at Revolution Motors.

Edmonton BMW Certified Mechanics

Few auto repair shops in Edmonton have the specialized diagnostic equipment and trained mechanics that are needed to keep your BMW running at its peak. Due to the complex nature of a BMW’s assembly, many people assume that the dealership is the only place that can help them with their specialized service needs. This is a common misconception. The factory-trained BMW mechanics at Revolutions Motors have the on-going knowledge, experience, and tools to keep your vehicle on the road longer.

Revolution Motors is a quality repair shop that uses the best parts and tools to keep your BMW on the road. We offer your BMW the same service you expect from a dealership but at an affordable price. Let us keep your vehicle operating smoothly so you can get to where you need to be. We guarantee that you will receive better service at Revolution Motors in Edmonton than you would at the dealership AND you won’t have to spend your whole day waiting!

Is Your BMW Due for Maintenance Service?

When was the last time you checked your BMW maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual? Even if your vehicle is running fine, it is important to have your BMW serviced before something goes wrong. This ensures your BMW is running at peak performance and keeps your repair bills down.

Many maintenance schedules will suggest service at certain timing or distance intervals to keep your warranty. Whether it’s changing fluids or replacing brake pads, your schedule will suggest servicing these parts every two years or 30,000 kilometres, whatever comes first. Revolution Motors’ BMW repair shop in Edmonton will help you stay on top of your maintenance schedule and will happily help you understand it.

Edmonton’s BMW Brake Repair Specialists

It is essential to keep the brakes on your BMW in working order. When you need to stop, your brakes must quickly and reliably stop your vehicle every time, for both your safety and for those on the road. How often you need to replace components, such as your brake pads, depends on how often you drive. If you primarily drive in the city or make frequent trips to mountainous areas, you may need a brake pad replacement more often than if you drive mostly on the freeway.

Our Edmonton mechanics will also check other brake components. In most cases, if we do brake work on one side of your vehicle, we will repeat the work on the other side to ensure the wear is consistent. Check your BMW owner’s manual for more information about the maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

Buying a Used BMW in Edmonton? Get it Inspected

Our BMW mechanics in Edmonton will gladly inspect any BMW you may be looking at purchasing. Or, maybe you want to make sure it is safe for your peace of mind. Inspections are very important if you are buying a used vehicle–our technicians take a comprehensive look at your vehicle to make sure it is safe.

They will let you know of any issues that may need to be fixed. If you decide to proceed with the purchase, they will happily fix any issue they find so that you feel safe driving your new BMW. We also do out of province vehicle inspections!

Bring Your BMW to Revolution Motors

Treat your BMW right with the service it deserves that you can only find here at Revolution Motors. We believe in superior customer service and want to make sure you are happy when you pick up your vehicle.

Before we do any work on your vehicle, we take the time to make sure you understand the service or repair needed for your BMW and do not start any repair work without your expressed consent. Once you have authorized the work, if we find anything else after we have started, one of our mechanics will give you a call to go over the issue, detail what else is needed, and get your permission to proceed.

We stand behind our repair work (ask about our warranty) and we will make it right if you are not satisfied for any reason. Please call us at (780) 761-1800, stop by our Edmonton shop, or schedule an appointment below.