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You chose your GMC Duramax diesel because you were tired of paying more at the pump for a heavy-duty, hard-working pickup truck. With regular maintenance and Duramax diesel repair, your GMC offers plenty of tow capacity, toughness and reliability with great fuel efficiency compared to those hungry gas trucks.

The Duramax diesel engine entered the scene in 2001 and has proved itself a worthy competitor in the diesel engine market. Unlike the Dodge and Ford diesel pickup trucks, the GMC and Chevy diesel engines use an independent front suspension to give a tight turning radius and a smoother ride. These trucks can come fully loaded and if you feel it’s lacking something visit our diesel repair shop in Edmonton. Revolution Motors can provide aftermarket parts, kits, and other enhancements to ensure your GMC Duramax diesel has the most power, performance, efficiency, and other bells and whistles you’re after.

The technicians at Revolution Motors that will be working on your Duramax diesel repair or aftermarket enhancements, like EGR or DPF Delete, know their diesel engines. Not only are they trained and certified, all of our diesel techs receive ongoing training so we can always be one step ahead of the competition in diesel engine repair and service. We have the proper tools and equipment, matched with years of experience working on GMC Duramax diesel trucks like yours, to ensure your vehicle is performing at its absolute best.

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Information on your GMC Duramax diesel truck

2017 6.6L GMC Duramax L5P

What more can you ask for from a diesel pickup truck? The L5P came out in 2017 with 445hp, an upgraded fuel system, larger crankshaft, cast aluminum re-melted pistons, an upgraded Allison 100 transmission, and the list of awesome improvements goes on. Not only does this truck have the horsepower you’re after, it also has all the beefed up components to back it up. Ask us about aftermarket products and delete services that can increase the power, efficiency, and capabilities of this heavy-duty engine.

2011-2016 6.6L GMC Duramax LML

There weren’t a lot of major changes to Duramax over these years, compared to the years prior, but this GMC Duramax diesel is still the reliable and tough workhorse you’ve come to love and appreciate. If you want to add power and performance to your LML, give Revolution Motors a call. From regular Duramax diesel repair to a variety of aftermarket kits, we can improve tow capacity, ride quality, power, and efficiency.

2007.5-2010 GMC Duramax LMM

The GMC Duramax diesels of this era saw some pretty big changes. Due to new emissions standards released in 2007, GMC had to tighten things up to be compliant. There were major changes to the LMM engine, but these changes didn’t decrease reliability and Revolution Motors is able to add horsepower and torque through aftermarket parts and services.

2006-2007 6.6L GMC Duramax LLY/LBZ

These impressive trucks come packed with 360hp and 650 foot pounds of torque. The biggest change this year was an upgraded computer system that allows more injections of fuel during each combustion cycle in order to comply with new emissions standards put into place in 2007. We can do a ton of internal upgrades to your LBZ engine to give you incredible power with this truck! Let us know what you want to get out of your GMC Duramax diesel and we will find the best part combination to make it happen for you.

2004.5-2005 6.6L GMC Duramax LLY

The 2004.5 models featured variable geometry turbos for the first time ever in GMC Duramax diesel trucks. This engine is more reliable compared to its competitors of the same years. These trusty diesel engines make a great platform for upgrades. If you want to make it faster, haul more, more fuel efficient, or a better off-roader, we can help.

2001-2004 6.6L GMC Duramax LB7

In 2001, GMC introduced their first Duramax diesel engine to the diesel scene. The LB7 is capable of powerful horsepower and torque and is available in a 5-speed automatic too. Contact Revolution Motors about your LB7 and ask how we can help you boost performance, power, and efficiency.

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